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Farm Mitra
Farm Mitra

android application,bootstrap,mysql serv

Image Based Steganographic and Cryptography process of hiding the data and transferring it across the network
Image Based Steganographic and Cryptography p

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joomla,mysql server,cloud server


embedded c,89x51 chip family

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Anti Forensics

android application,bootstrap,mysql serv

Farm Mitra
Farm Mitra

android application,bootstrap,mysql serv


android,java,embedded c,89x51 chip,webba

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Project Cost : 12000



Nowadays, gadgets are ruling the world. Many people cannot live even a day without their mobile devices. We use these mobile devices  for everything like to  find information, to  stay connected with our friends and families, find various locations, play games and many other things. But very often we come to the point when we would like to have an application for particular situation or for a certain need. Hence, we are building this application for one such need .The need for this application is that will keep the users and the service providers connected. For this reason we are developing an application that will satisfy both the groups and will ultimately help them both. Of course there are several sources on the web which might offer nearly similar services, one good example of such app is the helpr app which provides a few of the facilities. But our idea is to unite the end user and service providers. There is also a separate form available where users can share their feedback as well as the ratings for the services that they have received. Therefore, such kind of an application is needed in today’s developing world and it can be very well used among the android users.

This project is about developing an android application for users who are basically shifted to a new location.The app helps you find nearby services and other useful locations in your area. It not only provides vital information like what kinds of services are provided, it also offers for user-submitted reviews and ratings.Since the app uses your mobile device's GPS, it can easily help you find services nearby. Alternatively, you can also indicate a city of your choice to search elsewhere. You can conduct your search based on keyword, or browse through listings by category.The app also offers a few filters to further narrow your search, including distance and price.The app's user interface is simple and straightforward, with a dashboard displaying a search bar at the top and a few icons below for additional functions like bookings, services, and feedback. Hence, the app is incredibly useful and relatively easy to use.




The existing system uses the Manual System to find the information. Present systems that are used do not provide all the required information. They store data in the table format like excel sheet. That makes the data compact and impossible to search for, in case of large amount of data. For this purpose we have built a new system that will have a centralized database based on the query of the user or the service category chosen. This will remove the data complexity and data will be user friendly.

In the existing system the user has to use various apps to find out the details of the various services that are available andthen book for the service. This often requires a lot of time and effort. Each app provides only for a particular type of service ,some of  these apps do not use the GPS service which is available on all android devices for the purpose of identifying a location instead they seek for the users themselves to provide for the location.One example of the existing system isthe helpr app which provides a few of the facilities.  A customer may not get the desired information from these apps or the documents that are available may not have the right information that is required and the user may be misguided with the wrong information. It is also quite tedious for a user to search for a particular service manually through the documents that are available.



  • The most significant drawback is that the system is manual.  There are errors due to carelessness or oversight that may result in loss to the data and as to the organization.
  • Since the system is manual it is more time consuming. For the users, time is very important factor.
  • The information or data is stored in the form of files. This makes it difficult to search for information in files manually and to add a new record or modify the file, if the searched record is not available.
  •  Information is not maintained globally.
  •  Furthermore, manual evaluation process is more prone to errors.




The proposed system is an android based application and maintains a centralized repository of all related information. The system allows one to easily access the relevant information and make necessary booking arrangements with the help of the app. Users can decide about the services they want to have and make bookings online for the service. Once the user chooses a service type e.g. (electrical, cleaning etc), the system then allows the user to select the date and time for the service to be executed at the specified location .The location of the user is got through the GPS service available through the users android device. All this data is stored onto the database and the user is given a receipt number for his/her booking.

 This data is stored onto the database for the purpose of communication between the users and the service providers.  This application is mainly used for providing services to the users based on the location of the user. Through this app users can know which are the various services that are available, identify the best service, visualize the feedback on that particular service, co-ordinate and plan the as to when to book for the availableservice. The app serves the functionality of providing services to the registered users of a particular locality; new users are allowed to register onto the application. Once the user logins he/she is allowed to choose the service ,depending on the service type that is selected a list of service provides will be made available on the users screen.

The features of the app are:


  1. The app is user friendly and has control over various other applications.


  1. The data management is easy, simple and retrievable.


  1. No mismanagement of data.


  1. The system is highly secured and authenticated.


  1. The user can themselves check and book for the services.







Operating System                               : Android

Web Technologies                               : MySql,PHP

Web Server                                         : XAMPP Server

Development tools                              : Android SDK,Eclipse,JDK 1.7,ADT plug-in

Network                                              : Wi-Fi internet or cellular network.




RAM                                       : 1GB(minimum)

Hard disk                                            :16GB

Processor                                             :P-IV with 2Gz and higher

Device                                                 : Android version 2.3 and higher


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