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GPS/GSM Based Automatic Vehicle Tracking System
GPS/GSM Based Automatic Vehicle Tracking Syst

embedded c,8051 family,java

MSP430 Micro-Controller & GSM Based Centralized Measurement and Monitor of POWER,Theft Identification System
MSP430 Micro-Controller & GSM Based Centraliz

java,embedded c,msp430 chip

Domestic Servers
Domestic Servers

android application,mysql server

Anti Forensics
Anti Forensics

android application,bootstrap,mysql serv

Friend Finder



Project Cost : 12000



To provide an easy interface to track a single or a group of friends exact location from the user in a particular radius from the user without any difficulty and to provide a single tap messaging alert system i.e. SOS.


In present era, the scopes of information technology growing with a very fast .We do not see any are untouched from this industry. The scope of information technology has become wider includes: Business and industry. Household Business, Communication, Education, Entertainment, Science, Medicine, Engineering, Distance Learning, Weather Forecasting, Carrier Searching and so on.

My project named “Friend finder” is an android application that tracks and traces the users who all are using this application on their smart phones. It is also used to send an emergency message on a single tap to 3 numbers which were entered during the registration phase.

In our system we are making use of GPS to track users and search those coordinates on Google map and display the user on the map. In our proposed system some more functionality are added which will add some more features to 

the existing system such as providing option to call or message the tracked users on a single go.

  • This project is an Android Application.
  • Using this app we can traces and tracks the user who all are using this application on thier smartphones.
  • It is also used to send an emergancy message to 3 number.
  • This Application is making use of GPS to track users.
  • It also provides an option to call or message the tracked users.
  • It also used to send an alert message to his/her dear one's by tapping on "Women Safety".



In current system, in order to find out the location of friends, user needs to call and ask friend about his/her where about. In existing system one cannot find a nearest friend whose location is just few kilometers away from us and meet them personally.



In order to overcome the existing problem we are making this system as GPS based where one can trace a friend in a certain radius from us. It also help us to find exact location as well as exact distance from user’s location and allow users to see all friends on Google map as well.





  1. Smart phones
  2. GPS
  3. GPRS


  1. Android SDK 1.5 or above.
  2. Platform Eclipse IDE
  3. Mysql Server


Snapshots :-