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Project Platform : ANDROID JAVA


Project Cost : 10000


Nowadays, usage of mobile has become a vital part of day-to-day activities of people. We can refer the current time as the era of Smartphone’s. Suppressing all other traditional communication purpose, Smartphone’s are now at the peak of popularity in their usage of accessing the internet which includes mail access, social networking, mobile shopping and mobile banking. Given these features the problem arises when the phone is left at someplace and we want to retrieve some data from the Smartphone. Remoteaccessing of mobile becomes necessary in such cases. To deal with this problem, we thought of developing an application that permits remote accessing. It includes getting the incoming call numbers, incoming messages, accessing call logs, changing phone’s profile setting, retrieving the IMEI number of the cell phone, retrieving the sim serial number as well as retrieving the contacts.


This application is designed for android users and is useful in the following scenarios.

1) You reach your office and realize that you have forgotten your phone at your home. Need to urgently call a client whose phone number is stored in mobile. Not a problem, with this app on your phone you can easily access and retrieve the address book of your phone remotely by sending a simple SMS command to your phone number  from your colleagues/friends any model cell phone. This app will take the effort to find your required number and SMS it back to you on your sent mobile number.

2) You are in the office and have misplaced your phone somewhere nearby.  Can’t find it even by calling on your number as your phone is on silent mode. Frustrated…, not anymore, you can now remotely turn your phone on RINGER mode by sending an SMS command from friends phone. Easily find your phone and be relaxed! Similarly you can even turn your phone on SILENT mode and also you can easily get details of the last calls and messages received on your mobile phone without having it.


The existing applications require computer to remotely access and secure Smartphone’s our focus is on developing an application that allows remote accessing of Smartphone through a normal mobile.

Having this app installed on your phone magically allows you to access your mobile remotely. You can access & retrieve a lot of data from your mobile phone even if you don’t have it with you.


The data which could be fetched includes:

  • Contacts (Fetching contact number from your address book)
  • Call Logs (Checking missed calls/received calls/dialed numbers)
  • IMEI Number
  • Phone Profile (Changing profile mode to ringer or silent mode)
  • SIM Number (Retrieving SIM Number)
  • SMS Logs (Checking SMS’s received on your phone)
  • Location of the device



                 The application has been designed in such a way that the user is asked to input a secret key or pin which will be used to establish the connection with the remote mobile. Once the pin is accepted the application will run in the background and it will wait for incoming messages.


Remote Android Mobile Access

Algorithm for the process to input the secret key

STEP 1: Start

STEP 2: Ask the user to input secret key

STEP 3: If key is provided, go to step 4,Else exit

STEP 4: Run the app in the background and wait for new incoming messages


SnapShots :-

Android Project Mobile Access      Remote Android Access