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android application,mysql server

Image Based Steganographic and Cryptography process of hiding the data and transferring it across the network
Image Based Steganographic and Cryptography p

java, java image processing

MSP430 Micro-Controller & GSM Based Centralized Measurement and Monitor of POWER,Theft Identification System
MSP430 Micro-Controller & GSM Based Centraliz

java,embedded c,msp430 chip

Anti Forensics
Anti Forensics

android application,bootstrap,mysql serv

Domestic Servers
Domestic Servers

android application,mysql server

GPS/GSM Based Automatic Vehicle Tracking System
GPS/GSM Based Automatic Vehicle Tracking Syst

embedded c,8051 family,java

Touch Screen 3.5 inch

Project Name : Touch Screen 3.5 inch

Product Cost : Rs. 600


Touch Screen Sensor Module



4 wire touch screen with High transmittance

Datails :

Surface Hardness: 3H

Optical Clarity: 80 %↑

Operating Temperature: -10'c ~ 60'c

Endurance Test strikes: Over 1 million

Operating Voltage: DC5V

Resistance: 200Ω ~ 900Ω

Linearity : <1.5%

Faceplate Surface: Anti-glare coating

Operation Pressure: 15 ~ 70g

Storage Temperature: - 20'c ~ 70'c

Message Noise: 5 m sec ~ 15 m sec

Operating Current: 5mA ~ 25mA

Isolation Resistance: 20MΩ↑ @ DC 25V