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Farm Mitra



Project Cost : 12000



  • To establish a information network for speedy collection and dissemination of market information (i.e. current product prices)for its efficient utilization and to help farmers, commission agents through utilization of mobile.
  • To ensure flow of regular and reliable data(prices) to producers, traders and consumers to derive maximum benefit of their sales and purchases.
  • To increase the efficiency in marketing by effecting improvement in the existing market information system.


In a Country like India with 70% of its population living in the villages according to Census report 2011 and depending on agriculture as their main occupation, accurate and    timely information about the market prices of the agricultural commodities is of extreme significance.  Agricultural Marketing in India is undergoing a significant metamorphosis because of economic liberalization and globalization. Advancement in communication and information technology has made the world a smaller place and a larger market at one go.

The availability of prompt and reliable market  information about what is happening in the market i.e. what quantities are arriving and what prices are quoted for different commodities considerably improve the decision  making  capability of the farmers  and  strengthens  their  bargaining power.   

            At present, the information is disseminated through various media like radio, newspapers, blackboard display and public address system at market yards. The information provided by these methods is stale and does not help the farmers sufficiently in taking decisions in marketing their produce. The farmers are also not able to know about the prices prevailing in other markets, as the Market Committees are able to disseminate information only in respect of their own markets. The farmers are, therefore, left with no alternative but to dispose of their produce in the nearest market, even at uneconomic prices. 

Market information is equally needed by other market participants in arriving at optimal trading decisions. To fully utilize the new emerging trade opportunities for the benefit of farming community, agriculture marketing information system in the country needs to be strengthened and Information and Communication Technology has a vital role to play in the process.

“APMC solution using Mobile device”makes, easy way to disseminate the market information like prices of agricultural products to end users is done using mobile equipments. using a mobile phone a farmer or other end users can easily access market information just by accessing Android application and also receiving a message to mobile phones.


  • Radio – It provides news and entertainment through radio signals.
  • Newspaper- It provides all kind of news to user for example Politics, Market prices etc
  • Blackboard display- It is Price board available in APMC Market. It contains Agriculture product price information.
  • Internet – It provides HTML Webpages containing information in text,image,audio and video formats


Software Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 2007, Android.
  • Coding language :JAVA,PHP,HTML,Java (jdk1.6)
  • Server:WAMPServer, phpMyAdmin.
  • Tools: Java  Package, Android Eclipse.

Hardware Requirements

  • Intel Pentium III Processor, 2 GB RAM, 20 GB HDD,CD-ROM.
  • Smartphone with Android OS.


 Snapshots of Android Application :-






Snapshots of Web Application :-