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Farm Mitra
Farm Mitra

android application,bootstrap,mysql serv

Real Time GSM BASED Energy Meter
Real Time GSM BASED Energy Meter

java,embedded c,89x51 microcontroller

GPS/GSM Based Automatic Vehicle Tracking System
GPS/GSM Based Automatic Vehicle Tracking Syst

embedded c,8051 family,java

Anti Forensics
Anti Forensics

android application,bootstrap,mysql serv


java,embedded c,89x51 family chip

Image Based Steganographic and Cryptography process of hiding the data and transferring it across the network


Languages Used : JAVA

Project Cost : 5000


The system proposed by this project takes the above said problem into account and it combines the art of steganography with cryptology. It encodes a message and then,hides it in a file. This makes the message unreadable even after it is disclosed. By this way we can conceal our information. This project hides text files inside bmp files and creates a bmp file with secret message. A key should be given by the user to encode the message. The message is first encoded with this key and then embedded inside the specified file. It is then stored as per the name specified.

To reveal the message that is inside a file, one should give the right key and then this key will decrypt the message and then the embedded message is extracted out for viewing. If an attempt is made with a wrong key, a warning is made to tell that that key is invalid. By this method we hide our secret message from invalid users.

Several options are provided for the users so that they work in a modish environment. Users are provided with a facility to locate the files on the system through browsing. The image files can be viewed on the display panel and we could select one. Information about jpg as well as bmp files could be retrieved.

The working of the system is very simple but powerful. It uses bit shift method to encrypt. The encrypted message is then embedded inside the specified bmp file bit by bit after hard manipulations. The key is used to do this crypting works. The characters in the key are converted into binary strings and they are manipulated against the binary streams that are obtained from the individual characters of the secret message.

Since the key is used to encrypt and embed it would be hard to reveal a secret message that is embedded inside the picture.


Project Implementation :-

This project first encrypts the message using cryptography using well known algorithm i.e DES algorithm then uses the simple and best encoding method, “Caesar’s shift “ algorithm. It shifts the bits of data and encodes the data and this process is reversed for decoding. The information hidden could be detected only with the knowledge of the secret key. This project is developed using Java.

The following formula provides a very generic description of the pieces of the steganographic process used in this project:

                         cover medium + hidden data + stego_key = stego_medium.

In this context, the cover medium is the file in which we will hide the hidden data, which may also be encrypted using the stego_key. The resultant file is the stego_medium (which will, of course. be the same type of file as the cover medium). The cover medium (and, thus, the stego_medium) are typically image or audio files. In this article, I will focus on image files and will, therefore, refer to the cover image and stego_image.


The project mainly consist of 6 main section

1) Encryption of plaintext using DES algorithm.

2) Selecting a signature key for image validation.

3) Steganography section which perform steganography analysis for a particular image.

4) Encode section which performs actual encoding of data and image.

5) Decode section which performs actual decoding of data from image.

6) The main panel which include all these above 3 sections.




Steganography And Cryptography

Some Snapshotrs :-


Data Hiding  Steganography Data Hiding

Image Hiding DES Encryptions

LSB Steganography