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GPS/GSM Based Automatic Vehicle Tracking System
GPS/GSM Based Automatic Vehicle Tracking Syst

embedded c,8051 family,java

Anti Forensics
Anti Forensics

android application,bootstrap,mysql serv


android,java,embedded c,89x51 chip,webba

Vehicle Automation with Head Light Control

Project Platform : EMBEDDED C 89X51 CHIP FAMILY

Languages Used : EMBEDDED C

Project Cost : 15000


The project presented here is very useful in automobiles. This project gives digital reading of fuel, operates wiper motor automatically in rainy season, and most important feature of the project is that it keeps head lights on lane. i.e. when vehicle turns automatically its one of the headlight also turn to keep the light on the road.

This helps driving on curvy roads in night times.



Vehicle Automation

 The simple block diagram of the vehicle automation is shown in picture.        



the simple block diagram of embedded vehicle automation project is shown above.


This section is the heart of this project. It uses an programmed µ-controller for the controlling purpose. It is used to check the status of the vehicle like present fuel quantity, auto wiper control, headlight tilting depending on steering rotation.


This section is necessary to provide operating frequency to the micro controller unit for its operation.

Display Driver:

This section contains binary to seven-segment display driver circuit. It increments the display when it gets input pulses from the micro controller.

Display unit:

There are two types of display units that are cathode to anode type and anode to cathode type respectively. Here we are using a seven-segment cathode to anode typed display unit for display purpose.

Buffer/relay driver:

Basically this section is used to drive the relays by minimizing the loading effect of any IC.


Power supply unit gives appropriate voltages to each section