Final Year Engineering Projects

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Farm Mitra
Farm Mitra

android application,bootstrap,mysql serv

GSM based E-Notice Board Wireless Communication
GSM based E-Notice Board Wireless Communicati

embedded c,89x51 microcontroller

Real Time GSM BASED Energy Meter
Real Time GSM BASED Energy Meter

java,embedded c,89x51 microcontroller

Domestic Servers
Domestic Servers

android application,mysql server


joomla,mysql server,cloud server

MSP430 Micro-Controller & GSM Based Centralized Measurement and Monitor of POWER,Theft Identification System
MSP430 Micro-Controller & GSM Based Centraliz

java,embedded c,msp430 chip


Project Name : GAS SENSOR

Product Cost : Rs. 120


Gas Leakage Sensor Module


Specifications :-


Character : 

1、High sensitivity to Combustible gas in wide range 

2、High sensitivity to LPG, Propane and Hydrogen

3、Fast response

4、Wide detection range

5、Stable performance、long life、low cost     

6、Simple drive circuit


Application :                       

1)  Domestic gas leakage detector

2)  Industrial Combustible gas detector

3)  Portable gas detector

4)  They are used in gas leakage detecting equipments in family and industry, are suitable for detecting of LPG, i-butane, propane, methane ,alcohol, Hydrogen, smoke.